Sheet music for woodwind players

IMG_3855My name is Carl Upsall. I play clarinet and bass clarinet in amateur groups (Bloomsbury Band of Flutes and Clarinets, Baker Street Quartet and the Shed Quintet). When I can’t find appropriate music for us off the shelf, I arrange.

Spiramusic aims to make available arrangements of classical, jazz, Big Band and traditional music for woodwind players, and some original compositions at modest prices, and to provide a platform for other arrangers to do the same. All of the music is downloadable as printable PDF, and there are sound files from each arrangement (.WAV files from Sibelius software).

The arrangements include clarinet quartets, ensembles of clarinets, flutes and saxophone, and some for larger ensembles including double reed instruments (bassoon and oboe). All of them have beenĀ used in concert by the arranger.

If you would like any of these arranged for different combinations of instruments, please contact

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